Católica Porto Business School provides students with an online platform to apply for the Global Education Certificate. As Data Controller for this platform, Católica Porto Business School intends to share with third parties (i.e., with TBFILES PORTUGAL, the platform's creator and manager), the data collected in the context of and for the purposes of awarding the Global Education Certificate.

Católica Porto Business School is committed to safeguarding the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of your personal data using all the technical and organizational measures appropriate to protect the confidentiality and security of your personal data, in compliance with GDPR, and requiring the same from providers processing data on its behalf.

As part of the process of sharing your personal data with third parties, Católica Porto Business School ensures that your personal data is exclusively used for the intended purposes and that your rights as a data subject are fully respected (Data Subject Rights | CPBS (

Católica Porto Business School collects personal data solely to manage extracurricular activities of Católica Porto Business School students and provide certificates.

The Data Controller has the responsibility to reply to any data subject requests within a maximum period of one month. This delay can be extended to a maximum of two months in cases of complexity or the amount of requests received. If you need to contact the data controller, you may do so via the following email: .

The Data Protection Officer is always available to answer any questions regarding the processing of your personal data and exercising your rights through the email . You can file a complaint with the National Data Protection Commission if you believe your rights have been violated.

By submitting this request, you are giving permission to Universidade Católica Portuguesa, through Católica Porto Business School, to process your personal data in the aforementioned terms.

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Before applying for the Global Education Certificate (GEC), you can click on the link below to access detailed information about the GEC and the requirements for its attribution.

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